Dance Party Holiday

I made the props for one of our new micro-holidays, the Auction House Dance Party! This is easily one of my favorite things I've worked on :D. Thanks to Paul Kubit for putting this holiday together!


Love is in the Air: Prop Updates

I put some more LOVE into the Love is in the Air holiday props <3.

The hearts on the arc are from a ribbon that Jamie Chang updated.


Trial of Valor: Hyrja's Shield

I made a new shield for this cool boss lady.  Kenny McBride made the new Val'kyr character.


World of Warcraft: Legion - Prop Portfolio

Here's all of my prop art from Legion.  I was really happy with the kits I got to work on this time, and how I've grown as an artist.  I'm so excited it's out!

Night Elf Druids

Night Elf



World of Warcraft: Legion - Dalaran Update

I updated all of Dalaran's interiors with new props, lighting, and textures.  I was basically the city's interior decorator.
The original Wrath Dalaran is on the left and the new Legion Dalaran is on the right.