Digital Drawing class schtuffs

This was a fun class! I haven't done most of my work digitally in the past, so this was a great way to FORCE me to get some more practice with Photoshop and Illustrator. Normally I would have painted these--except the frog, that style is hard to do by hand. I've always loved Illustrator because I love shapes and flat color. The other two pieces were more out of my comfort zone, but I really like how they turned out. I feel like I could spend weeks fine tuning things in Photoshop if I didn't mind going insane.

Okay, this one needs an explanation. We had to choose a folk tale to illustrate for our last assignment, and I found this great, really creepy one in a book of Irish folk tales. It's called "The Swarthy Smith and the Socks," and it's about this blacksmith who makes a bet to win a blacksmithing competition while he's drunk. He doesn't remember making it, and a man offers to help him win if he'll split the money with him. So he agrees but then doesn't give the guy the money. Then to punish him, the man teaches him how to do things wrong, like cutting a horse's leg off first before shoeing it, and then of course the stranger is magical and puts the leg back on with no problem. So when the smith tries to do it to his own horse... he kills it. Then later he shows him how to fix up a lady's face by throwing her in the fire and then hammering out her wrinkles...

It's gruesome. I loved it.