I just had one of the most emotional 10 days of my life.

I just finished the Martin Agency student workshop Friday and sweet jesus what a ride. I'll start by saying what I did there, which was teaming up with four other people to make a fully fleshed out campaign for GEICO targeting women ages 25-49. We had seminars and met tons of people then got to business researching our market and target, making a strategy, coming up with the creative ideas, media, and our presentation to show everything. My team was so great. I laughed so hard that I cried multiple times... and also just cried because I was losing my mind with the amount of work we had and the hours we put in. But it paid off! Our team out of the three was declared the winner--we had the best ideas, best presentation, and sexiest members if I do say so myself. (Plus I got some sweet GEICO and Martin swag as prizes.)

Our research showed us that these women like to research before they buy and to be in charge of their purchases, and more and more women are handling the car insurance. We boiled that down to the idea of being in control. Here's some of the work I did for us: (The raccoon one is my fave!)

The "GEICO woman" visual for our slides:

Print ad idea.

She makes his phone autotune the speaker so it's less annoying. Such a weird idea. I love it.


The mom makes a track to lead her sleepwalking kid back to his room.