I just finished my first Flexible Molds class critique, and my little moonkins went over well. They are this awesome druid form from World of Warcraft that you can play if you choose the shooting lasers path of being a druid: Moonkin Form. It took me about 2 months to sculpt the original in balsa wood, make the mother mold and rubber mold, and then cast it in clear pigmented plastic. I'm really happy with them, especially since I haven't done anything sculpture-related since high school. Also the great thing about making molds is that I could cast a ton more of these! I think some of my WoW friends will want to get in on that.

Here are my little babies:

This is before I trimmed off the pour spout and the flashing around the parting line. It is harder than you'd think to cut plastic! I had to go buy a handsaw to get that off and it still took around 30 minutes.

I look tired... because I was.

I ended up making a second cast because as you can see in the first pic his beak had a big air bubble in it, which I had to trim off. The first cast is mostly solid so I did the second one hollow. I like them both.

And finally, here they are chilling out on the crit room wall with there fishing line harnesses.