Food Feud

We just turned in our Team Game Production 2 game, Food Feud, and I can't describe how excited I am and how great I feel about it. My team worked very hard and did such an excellent job. I was Lead Artist this go 'round and I really enjoyed that as well. Our game has a consistent, fun style and we were able to get in a lot of polish. It's also very fun to play--I still can't decide which class is my favorite. After this experience I can definitely say I would like to lead again, and hopefully be an Art Director one day. Can't wait for our big capstone game!

Credit to my kickass team: 
Jordon Trebas - Producer and Level Designer - jdtrebas.wordpress.com
Gabriel Robbins - Game Designer
Nick Moy - Artist - moyism.wordpress.com
Reuben Friesen - Lead Programmer
Andrew Martz - Programmer - andrewmartz.com
Jess Watkins - Lead Level Designer