Capstone Game Concepts

So at Guildhall we're about to start our big, 3-mod (24 week) team game production. Everyone of the 44 people in Cohort 17 has to pitch a game idea, which I love! It's great to see more of what my classmates are interested in making and to see more of their creative side.

My pitch is called Primate. Here's the high concept, "Primate is a 3D Platformer where Chip, a monkey equipped with a transforming mechanical arm, must escape an overgrown jungle laboratory before complete shutdown."

 And art!

I also did some concept art for my friend Jordon Trebas. His game idea is called Voodudes and the player is a voodoo doll that has to hurt themselves to do damage to enemies:

Now I just have to wait about a week for everyone to finish presenting to see which 6 pitches get chosen to move on.  After that we expand on the concepts and they get narrowed down again to 3. I hope mine gets picked!