Voodudes got chosen for Capstone!

I'm halfway through my time at SMU Guildhall, and I'm very excited for what's coming up. The games for our big Capstone game production were chosen and one that I did some concepts for got picked! The last week or two we got our team for Voodudes and have been pumping out concepts and refining the game idea. The concept: "Hurt yourself to save the world! Voodudes is a third-person action game where players take control of a voodoo doll named Virgil in his quest to save the world of voodoo." We're in pre-production now, and we'll be starting production in August after our summer break. Also, I'm Lead Artist again! I'll be leading four other artists this time--our whole team is 15 people. It's going to be awesome.

Here are some of my concepts from these past couple weeks:

(Zombears is our team name)