Mod 6 - Splash Damage test and a Space Ship

I've been so busy making our Capstone game at Guildhall that I haven't posted in a while. Here are the personal projects I've worked on for the last couple months. 

This is Splash Damage's environment art test for 2012. They provided the grayscale concept below and the specs came from my professor. I'm pretty happy with the finished piece.

This space ship is the second project I worked on. I found the concept on cghub. Here's the artist: http://wwzart.cghub.com/. I like the shape and my normal map, but I'd like to put a lot more time into the texture. We had Vertical Slice due for Voodudes so I had to put this on the backburner. It's definitely a work in progress. This was also a huge learning experience for me since I haven't done many machines. Hopefully I can get back to this over our Christmas break. It's not too bad so far though.