Ashleigh Warner
3D Artist


Adobe Photoshop
3ds Max
2D and 3D Animation
Unreal Development Kit


3D Artist
Blizzard Entertainment
May 2013 - Present
- I'm on the World of Warcraft Prop Art team making a variety of objects that I concept, model, and
texture. I've also done a lot of FX and animation.
Some highlights include the Druid kit in Val'Sharah, Draenei in Warlords, and updating Dalaran.

Lead Artist (Student Project)
The Guildhall at SMU
- 5 Months, 15 student team
- Lead Artist
- Featured in the Intel booth at GDC 2013

Contests and Awards

World of Warcraft Student Art Contest
Honorable Mention
- Created The Arcane Cup, a mage coffee shop environment for World of Warcraft

DOTA2 Polycount Contest
The Skeleton Key - item set for Meepo
- Published in the DOTA2 Store
- Created a weapon, helm, shoulder, and back piece for the hero character, Meepo
- Took project from concepts to finished in-game assets in the Steam Workshop
- Spoils of the Bone Ruins Set


The Guildhall at SMU
Master of Interactive Technology
Art Creation
- The Guildhall focuses on interdisciplinary team productions and creating game assets.

Virginia Commonwealth University
Communication Arts (BFA)
Magna Cum Laude
VCU Provost Scholarship (all tuition and fees)
- Communication Arts focuses on illustration and concepts with a minor focus on design.